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We are looking for people diverse in background, perspective, and skill to join our team. At the Entrepreneur Fund, we hire smart, passionate people and empower them to do their best work.

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Why Work With Us?

We get
things done.

We move fast, we work hard, and we support one another all in the name of supporting our mission.

Directly support
local business.

Be an active supporter of the small businesses that sustain the communities we call home.

Connect to
your community.

Honestly, never run out of places to eat, drink, shop or have your car repaired. Our network is deep, and our relationships are strong.

Three individuals are pictured at the 2023 Efund Distinction Awards, standing on stage with a large digital screen in the background. The woman on the left, Ann Anderson, smiles broadly, dressed in a formal navy blazer over a patterned blouse. In the center is a man holding an award, dressed in a patterned blue blazer, radiating pride. On the right, another smiling man, Mike Koenig, is in a navy suit, adding to the celebratory atmosphere. The award, a wooden plaque with '2023' inscribed, signifies recognition of excellence. Their expressions and the award ceremony context reflect a moment of achievement and honor.

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