Our Impact

A welcoming woman stands behind the counter of Zen House, a Japanese restaurant in Duluth, MN. She is wearing a long-sleeved shirt with 'ZEN' written in bold kanji characters, paired with a cap. Her warm smile and casual pose convey a hospitable atmosphere. The restaurant's interior is cozy, with a sushi poster and various decorations visible on the shelves, adding to the authentic ambiance. Kitchen appliances and utensils can be seen in the background, indicating a busy and operational kitchen. This image portrays the personal touch and pride of small business ownership, emphasizing eFund's impact in supporting local entrepreneurs.


Dollars provided in total lending


Entrepreneurs served


Jobs created or sustained across the region

Driving change through our mission

We believe small businesses have the power to transform their communities. We believe it because we see it.
Every day, our region's entrepreneurs create jobs, provide essential services and add vibrancy to their communities.

For over 30 years, our team has been dedicated to providing accessible capital and strategic advising to our region’s small
business owners because when we invest in them, we also invest in the economic growth and diversity of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our path to impact

Our approach starts with a purposeful and intentional action that radiates outward,
influencing and inspiring everything and everyone in its path.

Bailey, an artisan from Bailey Builds, is focused on her craft, working diligently with a miter saw. She wears protective headphones, a plaid shirt, and has her hair up in a bandana, highlighting the importance of safety and practicality in her work environment. Sawdust covers her apron, a sign of her hands-on approach. The workshop behind her is bright and colorful with a whimsical pattern on the wall, suggesting a creative and energetic space. This image reflects the skilled labor and entrepreneurial spirit that eFund supports through its client relationships.


Empowering Entrepreneurs

We ignite the potential of our region’s entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive. Through our unwavering commitment to personalized mentorship, access to vital capital, strategic training programs, and reducing barriers to entrepreneurship for rural-based, women, and BIPOC-owned businesses, we lay a solid foundation for economic growth.


Fueling Business Growth & Prosperity

By creating an environment conducive to growth and providing necessary financial support, we help businesses increase revenues, create high quality jobs, and make a substantial impact on the regional economy.

Kelly Shaggy, the owner of EduTechTrek LLC and an eFund client, stands smiling before the camera. She is wearing a black top with ruffled sleeves and a colorful necklace, complementing her vibrant attire that includes a dress with a brightly patterned skirt. Her glasses frame her cheerful expression against a serene backdrop that suggests a lakeside setting. Kelly's relaxed and happy demeanor, along with her professional yet approachable appearance, reflects the entrepreneurial spirit that eFund supports.
Cal Harris, the co-owner of Superior Waffles, presents a beautifully prepared waffle with a generous topping of whipped cream and strawberry sauce. Wearing a red and black baseball cap and a black hoodie, along with a pair of gloves, Cal's broad smile radiates the pride and joy he takes in his culinary creations. The shop's environment suggests a clean, professional kitchen, where the focus is on crafting delicious waffles. His enthusiastic demeanor and the delightful presentation of the waffle embody the welcoming and satisfying experience that Superior Waffles offers to its customers in Superior, Wisconsin.
Aimee and Preston Osborne, owners of Lakewood Lodge, stand confidently in front of their lodge, a rustic log cabin surrounded by the natural beauty of the Chippewa National Forest. Aimee, in a purple button-down shirt, and Preston, in a teal checkered shirt, are both smiling, embodying the welcoming spirit mentioned on their website. The lodge behind them, nestled in the tranquility of northern Minnesota, invites guests to partake in fun-filled vacations and excellent fishing on Sand Lake. This image encapsulates the essence of Lakewood Lodge, highlighting the owners' pride in their resort and the serene wilderness that their guests can enjoy.


Cultivating Vibrant Communities

Understanding that businesses are part of a larger fabric, we work to build thriving, inclusive communities. This involves nurturing local partnerships, promoting community-driven initiatives, and advocating for policies that benefit small businesses. 


Building a Diverse & Resilient Regional Economy

Through our thriving businesses and vibrant communities, we are actively contributing to the resilience of the regional economy, fostering growth, job creation, and prosperity for all who are proud to call northern Minnesota and Wisconsin their home.

Our path to impact illuminates the interconnectedness of entrepreneurship and our region. Each stage is important and contributes to the next, forming a unified pathway towards our vision: vibrant communities across our region that are created and sustained by entrepreneurs.

We can’t do this work alone

Partnerships are key to our success. Partner with us or refer a client.

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