Empowering the Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneur Fund

May 12, 2021

Harvest Nation, Tower, Minnesota

By nature, entrepreneurs are an innovative and hard-working group and we work closely with hundreds each year. Then, there are the entrepreneurial leaders who are not only passionate about their business, they also understand the big picture and dedicate themselves to strengthening their communities to be more healthy and vibrant. The women leaders of Harvest Nation are just that; local entrepreneurial leaders who are in the process of developing an indoor, aeroponic farm on the Iron Range to provide their neighbors with healthy, affordable farm-to-table foods.

As a local, grassroots startup, securing the capital needed from the bank was a barrier for Harvest Nation. After connecting and learning about their vision and research, EF worked with Harvest Nation to secure financing to support start-up costs and technical business guidance from a local EF business advisor for continued research and development needs to help make their vision a reality. Since then EF has partnered with Harvest Nation on multiple projects using the wide-array of business resources available.

Most recently, EF secured a technical services grant for Harvest Nation to work with a development consultant to support their fundraising effort to afford a three-year pilot demonstration project, which included a pitch at the MN Cup Challenge. They were selected as one of the top 3 at the MN Cup Challenge and have earned their way to the Million Dollar Challenge for Minority Entrepreneurs. They also keep in regular contact with their local EF business advisor with progress updates and for support as needed.

Harvest Nation and the local entrepreneurs who lead it are anything but a traditional EF business client. We listen, learn and meet entrepreneurs where they are. We are committed to embracing opportunities to invest in and work with diverse entrepreneurial leaders who imagine more inclusive, healthy and vibrant communities across our region and want to be part of the solution.

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