Supporting the Growth of the Local Food System Through Specialized Fund

Samantha Erkkila, Digital Media Specialist

March 7, 2023

Did you know the Entrepreneur Fund has a unique loan program geared to support local food retailers and producers? The Healthy Food Fund (HFF), is a specialized loan fund with low rates and competitive terms for local grocery stores, convenience stores, and food producers looking to upgrade equipment, access working capital or purchase commercial real estate. These targeted funds are available to ensure communities across our region have access to healthy foods.  

In addition to the funds, all EFund clients receive no-cost business advising services to improve financial management, business management, marketing and more. Our team provides a customized experience and roadmap for each client taking into account their unique situation and communities.  

How do we work with food retailers and producers? 

Local grocers and food producers often face a variety of barriers to success, such as competing with larger chain stores, limited access to capital, limited distribution networks, and lack of access to technology. Additionally, local businesses may face challenges related to zoning or permitting regulations, or the cost of product packaging, labeling, and advertising. These challenges can make it difficult for local businesses to compete with larger, more established companies. 

At EFund we have the tools and experience to partner with food producers and retailers across our region. 

  • Working capital loans to help cover their day-to-day operations and inventory. 
  • Equipment and machinery loans to upgrade or expand operations. 
  • Real estate loans to purchase, renovate, or refinance properties. 
  • Advising to develop business skills and compete in the local food system market. 
  • Build connections with local distributors, suppliers and retailers. 

To learn more about the Healthy Food Fund contact us today.

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