Ignite Webinar Series: COVID-19 Recovery & Rebuilding

Entrepreneur Fund

May 20, 2021

During these unprecedented times we are experiencing a major disruption of “business as usual” and we need to rethink how to do business now and in the post-COVID times to come. We realize that there won’t be a return to normal, instead we will need to adjust to a new normal.  

The Women’s Business Alliance Central and North are joining to present a series of webinars designed to help you think through your business practices, processes and procedures to address the concerns around COVID-19 and planning in general to help your business prepare for our new reality as well as future threats. 

Join us each Wednesday at 1:00PM (or whatever time) to hear from experts in marketing, cyber security, SEO, HR, Accounting and more. Each week a professional in their field will share information and tips that you can apply to your business planning for recovery. You will also have the opportunity to ask and have your questions answered. 

Upcoming webinars

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Past webinars

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