Joyful Growth: Increase success in an impactful way

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July 18, 2023

By Liz Dean, founder of LDean Coaching and EFund Expert Network provider

As an entrepreneur or CEO, maximizing success is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. What if you could increase success while also experiencing more fulfillment and joy?

There is a more fulfilling, simpler way to elevate success, which is vastly different from the approaches commonly taken by leaders today. It’s driven by unleashing human potential while honoring personal and professional aspirations and values. Having experienced and witnessed the amazing outcomes of this approach, I can attest to its incredibly powerful impact. I define this phenomenon as Joyful Growth.

Investments in increasing human potential come with massive rewards at every level – individual, team and organizational. With over two decades of experience in business development, marketing and innovation, I understand that relying solely on systems, strategies and service development can impose limitations on a company’s growth and success. In today's fast-paced, rapidly changing society, status quo is ineffective. Businesses that focus on developing the potential of their leaders and teams have a competitive advantage in becoming market leaders.

Individuals and teams can achieve Joyful Growth by maximizing their leadership potential, enhancing their teamwork, and promoting innovation.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Innovative leadership is essential for achieving Joyful Growth, as it can elevate your potential and that of others. By identifying strengths, gaps, values, and vision and prioritizing emotional intelligence, decision-making skills, relationship-building abilities, confidence, and overall well-being, you can enhance personal growth. Plus, we know that what’s good for people is also good for businesses; therefore, in today's environment, empowering people provides a powerful competitive edge.

Action: Consider teaming up with a coach to unlock your potential, break through barriers, and reach big aspirations with peace of mind.

“Through Liz’s unique blend of coaching techniques, knowledge and wealth of resources, I quickly began to realize strengths, identify solutions, find clarity, and experience amazing results that improved efficiency, employee retention and sustainable operations.  Above all, I regained a genuine happiness in my life.”

Dr. Chiamaka Enemuoh, Founder and President of Lifestone Health Care, Inc. and EFund client

Enhance Teamwork

High-performing teams are also vital to any business’s growth and success.  Most have the capacity and the desire to perform better together.  The best place to start is by assessing the strengths and gaps in team performance. This will help teams execute with purpose, power, and speed.  With the right data and effective solutions, your team's performance, engagement, and productivity will skyrocket, and everyone will love being part of it.

Action: Assess and strengthen your team’s 3 Cs: Clarity, Climate and Competence.

  • Clarity ensures that everyone knows what the team is trying to achieve and why, how they will get there and who will do what.
  • Climate is the environment that teammates operate in. Consider the culture of the organization, the relationships involved, resources available and systems and processes in place.
  • Competence is about the individuals on the team and their own set of capabilities, skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Promote Innovation

A culture of innovation and continuous improvement is key to growth and success in every business.  Utilize design thinking and disruptive strategy techniques to explore new possibilities and create innovative strategies to drive positive impact. This will help you tackle the right issues, turn ambitious ideas into reality, and position your business for a future of growth and joy.

Action: Routinely ask yourself and your team:

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What could be improved?

I had consistently been stuck in a place where I was surrounded by competent employees who were entirely sold on my business's philosophies, but I still felt overworked and overstressed. (Through Liz’s coaching) admitting my failures has become easier, but so has giving myself credit and recognizing my strengths.  I have a clearer vision and plan to get there.  My happiness has skyrocketed!”

Andie Bordes, owner of Duluth Foster Company and EFund client

Ready to achieve Joyful Growth?

The Joyful Growth philosophy goes beyond being a mere business strategy. It is a way of life that motivates entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs to pursue their aspirations with intentionality and purpose. By embracing the joy that comes with work, building robust teams, and promoting innovation for positive impact, one can experience the fulfillment of constant advancement and endless possibilities, leading to a transformation in both professional and personal growth.

About the Author

Liz Dean, founder of LDean Coaching is the mastermind behind the Joyful Growth approach which has resulted in remarkable revenue growth, award-winning innovations, and personal growth for individuals and teams alike. Everywhere she goes, Liz leaves a positive, lasting impact. Her methodology has helped countless leaders and businesses reach their goals while leading fulfilling lives.

If you are striving for big success, aspire to make a positive impact, and live your best life, reach out to Liz at 218-821-4891 or

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