Shape the Future: Apply to Join the Entrepreneur Fund Board of Directors

Entrepreneur Fund

August 10, 2023

The Entrepreneur Fund has been growing at an exciting pace. We’ve made a lot of progress and changes in the past few years and now we’re planning for the future. We're seeking three dedicated individuals to join our Board of Directors. We are looking for people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and creating strong and vibrant communities across our region. 

Seeking Diverse Voices and Expertise

  • Age Diversity: The wisdom of experience mingles with the vigor of youth. We welcome those aged 50-60, 60+, 30-40, and even those under 30. 
  • Racial Diversity: We strongly encourage applications from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Your experiences and perspectives hold tremendous value. 
  • Geographical Diversity: Whether you're from Wisconsin counties, Duluth, or the storied Iron Range, we believe in the richness of every region's narrative. 
  • Professional Prowess: We are keenly interested in: 
  • Banking: Professionals with C-suite level experience to navigate EFund's trajectory as a financial pillar. 
  • Finance & Accounting: Esteemed CFOs, CPAs, and audit experts. 
  • Legal: Individuals adept at the nuanced legal world of a 501(c)3 non-profit, financial institution, and an innovation-driven organization.
  • Investing: Those with backgrounds in angel investing, M&A, and experience with pivotal stakeholders and businesses. 

Your Role as a Board Member 

  • Be the Voice: Represent EFund and champion our mission in the wider community. 
  • Drive & Passion: Ignite change with your passion for our mission, our region, and the broader community. 
  • Governance Acumen
  • Distinguish between management and governance with clarity or have the enthusiasm to learn. 
  • Uphold and champion principles of effective governance. 
  • Expand Horizons: Be our gateway to new networks, partnerships, and opportunities. 
  • Skills & Dedication: Share your unique skills with us and showcase dedication through consistent board attendance, diligent preparation, and active participation. 

Dive into the details with our comprehensive Board of Directors – Job Description and Board Recruitment Brief.

Why Join EFund's Board? 

Being part of the EFund Board is about making a difference, not just holding a title. We are on a mission to turn entrepreneurial aspirations into tangible success stories. Keen on understanding our journey? Explore our strategic plan and peruse the mid-year 2023 impact update

Your 2023 Timeline

  • Wednesday, 8/9/2023: Nominations kick off, along with rolling interviews. Apply/nominate here.
  • Friday, 9/8/2023: Nominations and applications conclude.
  • Friday, 9/1/2023: Executive Committee zeroes in on prospective members, with 1:1 meetings stretching until Friday, 9/15/2023
  • Week starting Monday, 9/18/2023: Final recommendations and orientation sessions for potential board members. 
  • Tuesday, 9/26/2023 – Thursday, 9/28/2023: EFund's annual retreat and strategic planning. Here, we will welcome our newest members. 

Tip: If you're considering applying, please earmark the dates from 9/26 to 9/28, 2023. 

Ready to Shape the EFund Journey? 

To nominate an outstanding individual or to step forward yourself, click here. Your voice, or the voice of someone you know, could be the catalyst for our next phase of growth. 

The Entrepreneur Fund provides lending and advising services to entrepreneurs and small business owners in 29 counties and 12 Native nations that share geography with Minnesota and Wisconsin.
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