Attracting & Training Employees - Why Business Culture Matters

April 19, 2022

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Hiring employees and retaining your employees are growing challenges for businesses as the demand for employees increases and the workforce growth is not keeping pace. How can you attract quality employees and get them to stay? Business culture matters!Join us as Sandi Larson, Entrepreneur Fund’s Women’s Business Alliance North’s Director Discusses business culture, shares how business culture relates to recruitment and retention, and strategies you can implement to attract and retain employees. She will be joined by small business owners Elizabeth Chapman and Anna Anderson of Art Unlimited who will share what they have done to create a culture that attracts job seekers and retains their employees. Click here to register!

with Sandi Larson

Director of Women’s Business Alliance – North

Sandi works one-on-one advising to entrepreneurs who want to start a business, grow their business, or need assistance with specific business issues such as cash flow, marketing, or managing a business. She holds master’s degree focusing on Organizational Leadership and Community Engagement with an emphasis on business culture, why it is important for small business owners and how they can develop a positive business culture.