Forward Fest: Demystifying the Pro Forma - Building Financial Projections

June 27, 2023

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In 40+ years of working with entrepreneurs, we have regularly observed that “the money part” of business planning is often what causes many business owners and would-be business owners alike the most anxiety and confusion. Yet the numbers don’t have to intimidate you. Instead, understanding a clear financial plan for your business will give you the confidence to make educated decisions about the viability of your business idea, access needed capital and actively manage cash flow as your business grows.

This live-virtual introductory session – designed for new and prospective business owners in any industry – will help you understand:

  • The purpose (and power!) of a pro forma in business planning, management and in accessing capital
  • The fundamental “inputs” to building solid projections, including:
  • Identification of your business models key revenue streams, and how to translate to your projections
  • Synthesis of customer, competitive and industry knowledge into reasoned market size and share estimates
  • The impact of pricing decisions, buyer behavior and capacity on projected revenue
  • Types of key cost estimates needed for your projections
  • Other considerations
  • Resources for pulling it all together!

By joining us for this overview session, you will build a solid foundation of concepts that can help you understand how to put real numbers to your dreams and learn the path to projections. Whether you plan to seek funding from a bank, determine the feasibility of your business idea, or explore new directions for your business, following the ideas we’ll cover in this session will help you build success based on knowledge.

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