Down Payment Assistance Grant Program: Boosting Business in Northern Wisconsin

March 18, 2024

This program empowers local entrepreneurs, creates jobs, and ensures that every community has a chance to flourish.

Building a thriving small business is challenging, but especially in rural areas. Access to capital can be a major hurdle, particularly when it comes to securing funds for new equipment, investments in new technology and down payments for commercial real estate.

Our Wisconsin Down Payment Assistance Grant Program aims to bridge this gap by offering financial assistance to qualified small businesses in northern Wisconsin, putting capital in the hands of those who can make areal difference in their communities.

How this program can benefit Wisconsin businesses:

  • Grant + Loan: This program offers grants of up to $10,000 when paired with a low-interest small business loan through the Entrepreneur Fund. So, let's say you're looking to purchase equipment for$15,000 to boost your production. This program could pair a $13,500low-interest loan with a $1,500 grant, ensuring you have the $15,000 needed for this vital investment in your business's growth.
  • Flexibility: This program can provide crucial funds for a variety of business purposes including down payment assistance on any loan project, leasehold improvements, equipment purchases, inventory or supplies, marketing, working capital, and technology.
  • Limited-Time Only: Funding for this program is only available through 2024.
  • Wisconsin Businesses: You must be located within EFund’s Wisconsin region to be eligible for this program

DeJay Jarecki, owner of Lightning Storm Graphics in Ashland, WI, stands in front of his new high-capacity printer. (Entrepreneur Fund)

Empowering Rural Communities, One Business at a Time

By investing in rural businesses and removing barriers to capital, our team is fostering a more vibrant and equitable economy across Wisconsin. This program empowers local entrepreneurs, creates jobs, and ensures that every community has a chance to flourish.

Lightning Storm Graphics just outside Ashland, Wisconsin, faced a significant hurdle in their outdated printer limiting production capacity and hindering growth.

With the support of this grant program, owner DeJay Jarecki was able to overcome this barrier and purchase a high-capacity printer, which tripled production capacity, expanded his client base, and positioned him as a potential job creator in the local economy.

“The new printer shattered my previous limitations,” said DeJay. “We’re now equipped to serve not just local businesses but also clients across the country.”

This program was made for instances like DeJay’s. By providing crucial funding at a pivotal moment, our team is not only supporting the immediate needs of businesses like Lightning Storm Graphics, but also investing in their long-term success and the vibrancy of our local economies.

Is your business a good fit?

To learn more about this program’s eligibility criteria, schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with our Wisconsin team. This no-obligation conversation could be the beginning of your own success story, helping identify how we can best support your entrepreneurial journey.

Funding for this grant program is only available through 2024. This program is supported by Wisconsin's Department of Administration and funded by the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your rural Wisconsin business to the next level.

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