New Substance Abuse Residential Treatment Center Meets Critical Communiyt Need

July 7, 2021

Stephanie Ferguson, owner of Momentum Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Momentum Center - St. Cloud, MN 

The Momentum Center is a new Substance Abuse Residential Rehab Facility in St. Cloud, MN. The new center will provide high quality treatment programming to men with drug addiction and other substance abuse problems. 

Minnesota is ranked among states with the highest unmet treatments needs for individuals suffering from alcoholism, and adult males are twice as likely to abuse alcohol than adult females. There is an overwhelming demand for sober living environments once individuals exit area treatment programs.

The entire staff at Momentum Center will be equipped to help connect up to 27 clients with services such as financial and housing assistance, satisfactory employment, and mental health needs. 

“What sets Momentum Center apart from other residential treatment facilities is that we are actively engaging with our clients daily and provide support to propel them forward in their recovery. We are person centered and understand that everyone may need something different.” says Stephanie Ferguson, Director and Owner of the Momentum Center. 

Ferguson previously worked at East Haven before it closed its doors during the pandemic. When it closed, she saw the opportunity and need for her to open her own center and reached out to the Entrepreneur Fund for small business assistance. The Entrepreneur Fund was able to work with Ferguson to get her access to the financial needed to make needed improvements to the residential building, seeing the high need in the community. 

Stephanie worked one-on-one with Women’s Business Alliance Director, Sandi Voigt to get the pieces in place. “Sandi was an invaluable resource and partner to me through the entire process. Having her guidance is what enabled me to get this center opened so quickly. I now consider her a friend” 

“When they made the decision to close East Haven, I knew what I needed to do and working with the Entrepreneur Fund has made starting my own center a reality. I firmly believe that everyone can change. It’s a lot of work, but anyone can make a change a live a quality life that they can be proud of. That what we will help people do at the Momentum Center.” 

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