Training is a Tool for Growth with Geek2Go

Samantha Erkkila, Digital Media Specialist

May 2, 2022

Laura Moser, owner of Geek2Go in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

Technology is a tool and Laura Moser not only wants to help fix it if there’s a problem, but she also wants you to understand how to use it.

“I knew that a lot of people out there would get very frustrated with their technology, and they weren’t utilizing it correctly,” said Laura, owner of Geek2Go in downtown Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. “And that, in turn, made them not want to buy any technology, because they lacked confidence in how to use it properly.”

Laura’s passion for computers and new technology made her the go-to person in her family for all things technology. If there was a problem or question about how to do something, ask Laura. If a family member needed advice on what to purchase, ask Laura.

It’s what inspired her to open Geek2Go in May 2021, a repair and tech support business for phones, tablets, and computers, with the added ability of bringing her expertise to her customers’ homes and businesses.

“I would always get really excited when new phones or tablets would come out. And so, I'm a geek at heart, hence the name,” said Laura.

Laura heard about the Entrepreneur Fund through a referral when applying for a small business loan through the Small Business Development Center. She was then connected with EF team members Sandy Voigt and Jennifer Ford who assisted Laura with securing working capital.

“Laura is a compassionate, honest, and highly intelligent young woman and when I first spoke with her, I already knew she would be a success,” said Jennifer. “She has a vast knowledge of her craft and knows exactly what she needs for her business to succeed.”

At a crossroads

Laura, who worked in tech support for seven years prior to starting Geek2Go, expressed wanting to expand her craft beyond computer repair and receive additional training for cell phone and tablet repair.

“That was a very popular service request that I was getting and I was working in it, but I wasn't as efficient as I like to be,” said Laura.

So, she discovered a 10-day training program in Atlanta, Georgia, and together her, Sandy and Jennifer created a proposal on how the additional training would help Laura grow her business. EF helped Laura secure a loan in part to attend the training funded by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s Emerging Entrepreneur Loan Program (ELP). MN DEED provides these funds to partner nonprofits, such as EF, to support the growth of businesses owned and operated by minorities, low-income persons, women, veterans and persons with disabilities. Since 2017, EF has closed 40 loans totaling $1.2 million through ELP.

When Laura returned from Atlanta, she not only held new certifications, but she was more confident in the repair services she was offering.

“Technology changes often and Laura continually educates herself on any new techniques or products,” said Ford. “She was eager to learn and listened to the advice we offered and adapted it perfectly into her business plan.”

With the remainder of the ELP loan, Laura was able to hire part-time staff to help with turnaround times and provide inventory for her store.

“Prior to getting involved with the Entrepreneur Fund, I was definitely feeling the need to grow,” said Laura. “I was at a crossroads. I had the demand, but I didn't have the capital needed to, to scale correctly. Connecting with the Entrepreneur Fund allowed me to scale the business the way I needed to.”

Access for rural communities

Access to services in our rural areas can be a challenge. Residents of the Pequot Lakes area were driving up to an hour away to access technology repair services before Laura opened Geek2Go. With local access to technology services, she feels hopeful that more people will consider living, playing and working in Pequot Lakes, a place she is proud to call home. Laura is one of the many entrepreneurs shaping thriving and inclusive community in our region. Geek2Go is hosting a First Anniversary Celebration - Open House Event on May 14 at 9 a.m. All are welcome.

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