Partnering for Success: How we work together to grow small businesses in our region

Entrepreneur Fund

August 24, 2023

Our region is fortunate to have multiple resource organizations and agencies that want to and are able to support the growth and success of our local small businesses. So how does the Entrepreneur Fund fit into the economic development ecosystem of Minnesota and northern Wisconsin?

At EFund, our goal is to complement and enhance resources already available in a community. We work with our partners to leverage the resources available and fill any gaps that remain so that small business owners have the greatest opportunity for success.

“In collaboration with our partners, we become more than a helping hand; we transform into a vast network, ensuring that every entrepreneur finds their footing and their future,” said Martha Bremer, EFund Director of Strategic Partnerships.

We understand that we are stronger together. When you partner with us, you partner with our mission. You partner with our vision of vibrant communities across our region that are created and sustained by entrepreneurs.

“Northwest Regional Planning Commission's (NWRPC) revolving loan fund (RLF) program has worked in strong partnership with the Entrepreneur Fund over the past several years,” said Crystal Rohde, Business Development Specialist at NWRPC and an EFund board member. “As a referral resource to a lending partner, the two entities are a great fit for any small business capital stack. One of the first big projects in recent years included the startup and expansion of Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, WI. As EFund has continued to grow and expand its footprint into northern Wisconsin, NWRPC continues to be a strong referral and partnering resource.”

"We pride ourselves on offering entrepreneurs an exceptional array of services that propel their businesses towards unrivaled excellence,” said Bremer. “Collaborating extensively with our partners, we not only provide a helping hand but transform into an expansive network, dedicated to ensuring every entrepreneur finds solid ground and a future filled with success."

Ways we can partner:

Whether it’s a partnership on a revolving loan fund, a banker referring a client for a small business loan, finalizing strategic business plans through local SBDCs, or filling a gap in financing to get a project to the finish line, we can collaborate with you and find the best solution for our region’s small business owners.

"Having EFund as an alternative lending partner has immensely helped the undercapitalized area for our rural communities," said Ken Pearson, NWRPC Loan Fund Manager. “NWRPC has a long tradition of 30 years of lending and has always relied on the strength of the local community banks and other lending institutions.”

We know you want to see full main streets and thriving rural communities. We want that too. By partnering with us, you help increase access to entrepreneurship, drive local prosperity and bolster regional economic growth and diversity. Who wouldn’t want that?

“Together, we can turn uncertainties into opportunities,” said Bremer. “We are always looking for new ways to strengthen the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem."

Reach out to learn more about how you and your organization can partner with us and make an impact on small businesses in our region.

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